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After 10 years of teaching Kundalini yoga I was bored by routine, and asked the God to show me a new way how to expand and spread my knowledge. Participation in an aroma game blew up my mind.

That seemed to me as an amazing way to help people with self-awareness and self-growth even they are not into yoga practice.


Essential Mandala /
Santhika Academy founder

The aroma games, that are the core of this course, originally were created by a few Russian experts. From their permission, the games were translated into English, enriched and modified to meet the international community.

In this course, I have integrated all my knowledge and experience in yoga, psychology, coaching and aroma psychology, and structured it in a such way that allows you to start working with all these tools after a first month. Study and work at the same time! It has never been so easy to get a new profession and start your own business just in a month!

With your help we can support much more people who are searching for themselves and their mission in their lives.